October 20, 2014

Jenkins and Chef: Infrastructure CI and Automated Deployment

At Copyright Clearance Center, we scrupulously pursue the goal of on-demand, global or partitioned, fully automated deployments. We have a top-notch DevOps team that is paving the way towards full automation from “cradle to the grave”, so to speak.

The following YouTube video (and associated slides) is from Dan Stine’s presentation at the 2014 Jenkins User Conference (JUC) in Boston.

Dan discusses two key components of our deployment pipeline, i.e., Continuous integration of Chef code and automated deployment of Java applications.

CI jobs for Chef code run static analysis and then provision, configure and test EC2 instances. Release jobs publish new cookbook versions to the Chef server.

Deployment jobs identify target EC2 and VMware nodes and orchestrate Chef client runs. The flexibility of Jenkins is essential to our overall delivery architecture.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQ6KTRgAeMU

You can also find the slides of the presentation on SlideShare

Babis Marmanis

CTO & VP, Engineering

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